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Brief History of this Temple

The Idol of Ramnathi was shifted to the present site in the 16th century to prevent its destruction by the then Portuguese authorities.In May 2011, the Ramnathi temple completed 450 years at its present location.Shree Ramnath is a Divine Symbol of the unity of Hari and Hara . Ramnath is a compound word formed by the unity of two words Rama and Natha. Ramnath means the Lord of Rama. In another way, Ramnath also means the one whose Lord is Rama. So, the Lord of Rama is Shiva and the Lord of Shiva is Rama. During the churning of the ocean, Lord Shiva drank Halahal that came out of churning and He held this poison in His throat. His throat became blue and He started getting burning sensation. That sensation was soothed by the recital of Rama Nama. So, Shree Ramnath is a symbol of unity of Hari and Hara and we should be proud of being Mahajans and Kullavis of such a Daivat.

Temple Legend
Temple Legend
Legends related to this Temple

Shri Ramanath Deity was originally installed 3000 years B.C by Rama at Rameshwar. When Rama came back from Lanka along with Sita, after killing Ravana, he decided to pray to Shiva in order to absolve him of killing a Brahmin. Hence a Shivlinga was installed and Rama prayed to it. Lord Shiva came and sent Rama to Guru Gorakshnath. There are 12 Panths and One of the Panth started from Rama.This came to be known as Ramanath.


Sri Ramnath Prasanna Ramnath

Temple Events
Temple Events
Events related to this Temple


By Road

Ponda is well connected to all major places in Goa by a wide network of roads. From Panaji, one can hire taxi or motorbike to reach this temple.

By Rail

The two railway stations- at Vasco da Gama and Margao- also have a number of trains arriving at Goa from the rest of the country.

By Air

The nearest airport at Dabolim 45 km which has frequent flights from Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore and Kochi, besides chartered flights from overseas.

Extra Information

The chief deity of the temple is Ramnath. Since Ramnath is the chief deity, the temple came to be known as Ramnathi. The name Ram-Nath equals Lord of Rama i.e. Shiva. In addition, the temple has the idols of the Goddess Shanteri from Rivona and the Goddess Kamakshi from Loutolim. There is an idol of Shree Lakshmi Narayan Shree Siddhinath , Shree Betal and Shree Kaalbhairav. This completes the Ramnathi Panchayatna.

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