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Sri Ranga Natha Swamy Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Sri Ranga Natha Swamy located in Gachibowli locality of Hyderabad. It’s built in South Indian architectural style and it’s among the sacred temples of Sri Ranganatha. Sri Ranga Natha Swamy is a famous God mostly worshipped in South India which is a resting form of Lord Vishnu.


Sri Ranga Natha Swamy Temple was constructed in 1990 during the regime of Nizam Kings. It’s believed that Sri Ranganatha Swamy brings prosperity and health to the followers. Sri Ranganatha or Ranga is a Hindu deity mostly popular in South India.

how can you reach this temple
By Surface Transport

The nearest bus stop is Gachibowli

The nearest railway station is hi-tech city and Secunderabad

By Air

The nearest airport is Shamshabad.


At the entrance of the temple, a big wooden door and a flag mast with brass covering. The main deity Shree Ranganatha Swamy is in relaxing position and is carved from a single black stone. One can see incarnations of Dasavataram, ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu, depicted nearby.


Sri Ranganadha Swamy Temple Gachibowli

Timings and Events

During the month of March-April, based on the Indian Calendar a grand festival is held and this is called Brahmostsavam, which is the best time to see the temple with mass gathering. Also during Vaikunta Ekadasi you can spot major celebrations here.

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