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The temple of Sri Kanyakaparameswari Devi is located at Proddatur Town in the Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh. The temple and its premises are also called as Ammavari Shala. Here, the shrine of Sri Kanyakaparameswari is manifested by an ancient AryaVysya family.


Sri Vasavi Kanyaka Parameswari Temple is a temple in Proddatur, Andhra Pradesh dedicated to Sri Kanyakaparameswari, a form of Goddess Parvati. The Goddess Sri Kanyakaparameswari is the prime deity of AryaVysya community.

how can you reach this temple
By Surface Transport

The nearest bus stop is Produttur Bus Stop

The nearest railway station is Yerraguntla railway station

By Air

The nearest airport is Kadapa Airport


The temple is built in modern style of architecture. The basement of the temple is about 10 feet above the ground level. The ceiling is based on wide and round pillar. The Shala is built on a square, Rangoon teak wood rafters are used to support the ceiling. The temple has a tall and impressive tower. There are four broad and majestically tall and impressive four main pillars in front of the sanctum sanctorum of Kanyaka Parameswari.


Sri Vasavi Kanyaka Parameswari Temple Proddatur

Temple Legend

According to the legends, Late Sri Kami Setty Kondiah Sresty was a devoted and a great Vysyaat this place. One day Shri Knayaka Parameswari appeared in Sri Kami Setty Kondiah Sresty's dream and asked to build a temple in this town for the Goddess. As per the instruction, a temple was built in the year 1890 AD. From then the "Shala" as it is popularly known, expanded the temple traditionally and in the modern style. Later on, many idols have been added in the temple to raise its glory.

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