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Sundha Mata temple is a nearly 900-year-old temple of Mother goddess situated on a hilltop called Sundha.


In the temple premises, there are three historically significant inscriptions that highlight the history of the region. The first inscription is from AD 1262, which describes victory of Chauhans and downfall of Parmaras. The second inscription is from 1326, and the third one is from 1727. The Sundha inscriptions are of peculiar importance in a historical sense like the Harishen inscription or Delhi’s Mehrulli pillar inscription. Sundha inscriptions throw light on the history of India. In ancient days worship in this temple was done by "Nath Yogi's". Emperor of the Sirohi district gave the land of the "Sonani", "Dedol" and "Sundha ki dhani" villages to one of the Nath Yogi Rabad Nath Ji, who worshipped in Sundha Mata Temple at that time. After the death of one of the Nath yogi Ajay Nath Ji, no one was there to do the worship so Ram Nath Ji was taken there to take the responsibility. The land of Mengalwa and Chitrodi villages were given to these Nath Yogi's in ancient days by the king of Jodhpur Maharaja Jaswant Singh. So Nath yogi of Mengalwa was called as "Aayas". After the death of Ram Nath Ji, Badri Nath Ji, a pupil of Ram nath Ji became Aayas at Sundha Mata temple and took the responsibility of worship. He also looked after the land of "Sonani", "Dedol","Mengalwa" and "Chitrodi". As the time passed, no one was there to do all the management, so a trust was created to look after temple and manage tourism.

how can you reach this temple
By Surface Transport
The nearest Bus stop is Jaolre is well connected by road with other cities of the state as well as with the rest of the country.
The nearest Railway station is Jodhpur.
By Air
The nearest Airport is at Jodhpur.

Sundha temple is made up of white marble, the pillars remind of the art of Abus’s Dilwara temple pillars. A very beautiful idol of goddess Chamunda stands under the huge stone. Here Chamunda’s head is worshipped. It is said that the trunk of mother Chamunda is established in Korta and legs in Sundarla Pal. In front of mother Chamunda, a BhurBhuva Swaweshwar Shivling is established. In the main temple, a duo idol of Shiva and Parvati Ganesh’s idol are considered very old and extinct.


Sundha Mata Temple Bhinmal

Timings and Events

During Navratri tourists from Gujarat and nearby areas come in large numbers. Regular buses are run by Gujarat roadways from Palanpur, Deesa and elsewhere during that time.

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