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Sri Tadbund Veeranjaneya Swamy temple is an old Hindu temple located in Sikh Village in Secunderabad.It is very popular with the devotees of Lord Hanuman.


The most important festivals celebrated at Tadbund with great enthusiasm by the devotees of Hindu religion includes Hanuman Jayanti and Sri Rama Navami.

how can you reach this temple
By Surface Transport

Jubilee Bus Station near Parade Grounds of Secunderabad is very close to the temple at a distance of just 3 km and Mahatma Gandhi Bus Station is just 12 km away from Tadbund Hanuman temple.Devotees can easily reach the temple by taking Hyderabad City Buses.

Hyderabad has 3 Central Railway Stations and from there, tourists can easily reach Tadbund Hanuman Temple. Secunderabad Railway Station 4.5 km distance with a journey of approximately 20 minutes. Hyderabad Railway Station or Nampally Railway Station 9 km distance with a journey time of roughly 26 minutes. Kachiguda Railway Station 10 km distance with a journey time of around 31 minutes.

By Air

The nearest airport is Shamshabad Hyderabad.


Tadbund Hanuman Temple Secunderabad

Timings and Events

Daily (Except Tuesday & Saturday) Morning 5-00 AM to 11-30 AM Evening 4-00 PM to 8-30 PM

Tuesday Morning 4-00 AM to 12-00 Noon Evening 4-00 PM to 9-00 PM

Saturday Morning 4-00 AM to Night 12-30 AM

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