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This Peetha is situated in Jalandhar in the state of Punjab in India. Here, left chest of Sati had fallen, she is in the form of Devi Tripura-Malini and Bhishan appears as Vairabh. Different stages like Vashishtha, Vyasa, Manu, Jamdagni, Parshuram etc., worshipped Adhya Shakti here, in the form of Tripura Malini. Locally this temple is known as Devi Talab Mandir

how can you reach this temple
By Surface Transport

Several deluxe bus services are available to Jalandhar and they are worth trying

Direct trains are available to Jalandhar Railway station and most famous train is Shatabadi and play directly from Delhi to here

By Air

The nearest airport is in the Amritsar and national as well as international flights are available up to here.


The old structure of the Tripurmalini Shakti peeth has been renovated and changed to how it looks today. New sections have also been added within the temple premises. There is a huge tank , as old as the main temple and is the main attraction and reason why Devi TalabMandir got its name. There is also a temple dedicated to Goddess Kali besides the main temple. Recently, a structure resembling the Amarnath Cave Temple has been added to the temple complex.

Upon entrance one sees the awe-inspiring Gold covered domb of the temple at a far off distance, situated in the center of the beautiful and vast lake which stops you to admire for a while at least. This is the main temple covered with gold in the center of the whole complex and surrounded by the lake on all sides. With much of clear sky giving a backdrop to the top of the temple, makes it look uncomparable at both day and night times. The best are however the times of twilight where the whole environment turns so serene that it is bound to bring a relaxing smile to your face. Getting close to the lake, you can spot big fishes in the still water. After the parikrama of the whole temple, sit in the calm temple compound next to the lake to admire the beauty of this temple cum tourist spot. 

In the corners of the lakes, you will see various beautiful and big idols of the various Indian Deities, including Shri Krishna, Gauri-Shankar and Maa Gayatri. In the center of the lake, a beautiful passage of around 12 feet wide properly lit and covered for shelter with fans/ pilgrims, takes you to the main Maa Bhagwati main temple where there are 3 main idols of Maa Durga, Maa Lakshmi and Maa Saraswati. Further around the lake, starting anticlockwise is the main Siddh Shaktipeeth Maa Tripurmalini Devi Dham/ Temple in the southern side of the complex followed by Maa Kaali Temple, Shri Hemgiri Ji Maharaj Samadhi, Shri Ram Darbar, Hanumanji Big idol and mock-ups of other famous pilgrimages of Maa Vaishno Devi Cave and Shri Amarnath Ji Cave and alongside in the fantabulous Parikrama you see a ray of temples in the whole parikrama. Behind this layer of temples, is the ashram/ rooms for the visitors the for the temporary stay. The whole peripheral area is a walking distance of around 400 meters approximately . And all of the compound path covered with marble. The temple has decent arrangements for the pilgrims including, small parking area, drinking water, rooms for short stay etc. See the entire pilgrimage of this temple including visits to all temple insides in sequence with lots of pictures, including Maa Tripurmalini Devi's shrine as well.



Tripura Malini Devi Jalandhar

Temple Legend

As we know, in TripurmaliniShaktipeeth, the breast of Mata Sati fell so it is also known by the name of Stanpeeth. Additional, It is said that resemblance of Mata Vaishno Devi, Maa Lakshmi and MaaSaraswati as well, all these devi’s fulfil all desires of devotees. Just like the other Shaktipeeths, a Diya always keeps burning here as well. A large number of devotees mainly visit TripurmaliniShaktipeeth on Sundays and Tuesdays. Here Goddess is in the form of Shakti. Some people believe it that whoever dies accidentally at TripurmaliniShaktipeeth, goes to heaven after death. Even the birds or animals dying at this place get free from taking birth again and again in this world. According to another belief, all the Gods are present here partly to meet Matarani. Worshipping here and at every shaktipeeth is considered extremely auspicious. By worshipping, we all are in safe and protective hands of Matarani.

Extra Information

Two Temples are considered for this sakthipeeth

a) Devi talab mandir is the Sidh Shaktipeeth of Jalandhar city. It's about 1 K.m from Railway station and located in the heart of city. The goddess is called as Durga/ Sherain wali. There is a very old temple of Ma Kali in the same campus, but, that is not the Shakti peeth.

b) According to some devotees, it is the famous Ambaji temple in Banaskantha district of Gujarat. It is situated at a distance of 45 K.m from Mount Abu and 20 K.m from Abu Road near the Gujarat and Rajasthan border.

Timings and Events

Tripurmalini Shakti peeth remains open from 7:30 am to 7:30 pm


Navaratri that falls two times in a year- one in the month of March or April and other in the September or October month depending on the Hindu calendar, is the major festival here. Navaratri is celebrated for over 9 days, with some people not eating any type of food that is derived from the soil for these nine days. Special ceremonies and rituals are carried during these days. Another festival that is celebrated with great enthusiasm is the ‘Shivaratri’ and during this day, people keep fast, pour milk on the Shiv Lingam and offers ‘Bail’ to the god idol.

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